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Why use a temp?

The pressures and costs associated with full-time permanent hiring are often considerable and pressing projects or seasonal increases in volume can’t be delayed no matter how hard you try. Many of our employer clients avail themselves of our temporary recruitment services for such occasions. Most can predict with some certainty that the run into end of financial year is going to mean increased volumes in customer requests – phone based and administrative – but they are unable to offer or promise permanent positions. At B & K Consulting, we are constantly pooling strong candidates with innate customer service skills, a sound work ethic, an interest in wealth management and the ability learn quickly. This means we can have groups of candidates start on fairly short notice (subject to probity checks), often without the need for employers having to run time consuming interviews.

For the individuals, a temporary role is an opportunity to develop some important skills and experience which may otherwise be difficult or take a long time to come by.

The benefits flow both ways – committed temporary candidates are eager to please and work hard and an employer will get considerable output from such an engaged temporary employee.

In many instances, permanent positions are on the horizon and a temp who has worked hard and proved themselves whilst making good connections internally gives themselves every chance of being extended or indeed made permanent.

Gone are the days of manual timesheets and approvals which can be frustrating for both temporary employee and direct manager. B & K Consulting offers a sophisticated online system to track everything from timesheets to charge rates.