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Whether you're searching for the ideal candidate for your team, refreshing your onboarding processes, or catching up on wealth management news, we have compiled a number of wealth industry specific links along with some tools and documents we think would be helpful. Check back regularly for updated content!



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Interested in the most recent Quarterly Superannuation Performance Statistics from APRA, click below:
Quarterly superannuation performance statistics highlights - June 2021

"The Quarterly Superannuation Performance publication provides industry aggregate summaries of financial performance, financial position, asset allocation and key ratios."

Interested in the most recent  Quarterly MySuper Statistics report from APRA? Click below:
Quarterly Mysuper statistics September 2019 - June 2021

Other Resources:

Top Remote Onboarding Tips for Employers.

"Is your organisation looking to onboard remotely or are you curious about how other organisations are doing it? We’ve seen clients onboard new hires remotely from the start and some start with the first week of onboarding in the office before moving to working from home. Whatever your organisation decides to go with, here are some tips that may help ease that transition"

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